Whether a chemical can be exempted from registration depends on its specific use. Chemicals are often used in a variety of applications, and all existing and potential buyers in Korea should be contacted as soon as possible to inquire about how they use your product. Collecting and confirming the uses is the basic work required to exempt registration, pre-registration, and registration.

K-REACH stipulates that products for dozens of uses are exempt from registration. Compare the collected uses with exempted uses to determine which products are exempt from registration. If a product has multiple uses, some of which are exempt from registration and others are not exempt from registration, then only the export volume of the use that cannot be waived for registration shall be pre-registered and registered.

Exemption from registration: radioactive materials, pharmaceuticals and quasi-drugs, raw materials used in cosmetics and cosmetics, pesticides and raw materials, fertilizers, food, food additives, feed, explosives, ammunition, health functional foods, medical equipment, hygiene products, biological killing Extinction products, chemicals encapsulated in equipment, amino acids and their salts, sugar, compost and biofuels, hydrogen and oxygen, reagents, polymers of low interest, etc. Details

Some of the uses that can be exempted from registration are required to apply for a "exemption confirmation" from the Korean Ministry of the Environment through a Only Representative. Direct export without an officially issued "exemption confirmation" will violate the law and be punished. Details

If you need to explain to the Korean customer through a professional document that the product can be exempted from registration, we can assist in the production of Korean, English and Chinese documents.

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