K-REACH Brief Process of Pre-registration

Step 1
Search & Check
Check if your product can be exempt from registration and pre-registration, whether it can be pre-registered, and registration grace period.
You can self-check through this website, or you can contact us for bulk inquiry
Step 2
Service provider
Choose a service provider, whereby the company provides a Only Representative service and submit pre-registration.
we provide assist if you want to incorporate a company in Korea to pre-register the substances as an importer.
Step 3
Information required
In pre-registration, in addition to providing general information such as company name, product information, and importer list, you need to carefully prepare the following information:
Step 4
After the pre-registration is completed, before the end of the grace period (up to 12 years), the company needs to do the following work through a unique representative:
  • Information update: When the uses, export volume, importers and other information changes, you need to report the Korean authority within the specified time.
  • Pre-registration number management and tonnage coverage certification: use the system developed by us.
Work and expenses during the maintenance period should be clearly defined prior to the pre-registration contract.
Mr. Peter Wang